Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow...Maybe Random Tuesday?!?!

Okay, this is going to be all over the place. I am trying to catch up, so bear with me. We will begin with March Madness.We watched several games at church, so here she is with Rae, and yes she is actually watching basketball.
Then a couple of weeks ago, Jerred had a retreat and Adlee and I did not want to miss, so we went out for one day. Here we are at Lariet Creek Camp.

We didn't think we could stay in cabins just yet and Jerred's parents live really close so we just spent the night there. We also went to church there for the first time! Here is Adlee with her Mimi and Pappy.
Next Q and U got married at my school, so of course Adlee got in the funThe Easter Bunny brought Adlee an excersaucer and she LOVES it!!
She has been rolling over like crazy.

Sorry about the finger in that last picture, she was mad I was taking pictures instead of putting her back on the blanket.
Poor Adlee has now made 3 trips to New Braunfels in her short life, but it hasn't bothered her one bit. You would think 8 hours in a car there and back would not be so fun, but she has handled it like a trooper!! Here are some pics from our latest trip. Adlee and Grandmommie!
Finally, our 4 generation pic!!

Grandmommie has a puppy named Betsey. Adlee and Betsey are only one week apart, Adlee really does love dogs.

My cousin is a Deputy Sheriff and he was all uniformed up one day so I had to get Adlee with him!

Andie, my cousin in the pic, is married to Brooke and they are pregnant with identical twin girls!! The girls names are Allison and Addison, but they are going to call them Allie and Addie. My other cousin Roger, has a daughter named Abbie! My aunt and my sister-in-law are both named Teresa. SOOOO, we have 2 Teresa's, 2 Brook's, an Abbie, Adlee, Addie and Allie!!! We put the fun in disfunctional!!! We are VERY excited about the girls coming and I can't wait to meet them!!
I told you that was a random post. I think I am about caught up now. I do have some fun pictures on another camera, but I can't get them on the computer. I will keep working on it!! If you have made it through this post and are not a Grandma WAY TO GO!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Okay, so I am at my parents house so I don't have many pics. Adlee has been under the weather so I didn't get any pictures of her in her Easter dress because by the time we got home she was sweating and needed to be naked, but we got some on my mom's camera. Enjoy!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

So funny she got the hiccups!

I am still not quite sure what I did but this is the most she has ever laughed!! She no longer thinks it's funny, we have tried to re-create it.
Ignore my noises/talking and Jerred and me laughing!!