Monday, June 29, 2009

Camp and Daddy's Day

Last week we had camp with our high schoolers. Luckily it is at OC so we get to sleep in our own beds and come home for naps :)
First lunch in the OC caf...I still just eat the cereal.

Adlee got to sit with Erin, one of our girls, and lucky for Adlee Erin shared her jello!! This was a BIG hit.

Here is some news...Adlee has a tooth!! She worked on it all week and the bottom front one broke through on Saturday. I am pretty sure the other front bottom one will be up any day now. This is the face I saw all last week when her gums were hurting.

Father's Day has come and gone without me posting and that is sad. Jerred is such an amazing Daddy, Adlee and I are very lucky!

All Adlee has to do is look at him with those big brown eyes and she gets exactly what she wants!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well, you might have seen us on the news...

We have been gone for our first week of camp this summer and let me just say it was an adventure. An adventure that I would like to never have again!! But first, I will give you good stuff. Adlee got LOTS of attention and really loved it!

She sang songs with the kids

Gave announcements with her Dad

And she practiced how to lead songs and give announcements

I call this years session "the year of the plagues." It all started great, I took Adlee and she was doing SO awesome!! Adlee and I stayed in a little camper and as I said she was doing so well, we are proud! Jerred and the other 2 directors stay in the directors cabin and that is where Adlee and I spent time during the day. Well, that is where the first plague starts. This year there were these yucky little centipede things that were coming in and there were tons of them!!

This picture is not from camp, but it is what we dealt with. I wouldn't even walk on the floor barefoot for fear of stepping on one of these beauties. They were on the walls and ceiling at one point. GROSS!!
The second plague came in the form of a broken pool! After our Monday swim the pump broke and kept our kids from swimming on Tuesday. Not good for kids ranging from
3rd-8th grade who think they are going to swim that day. May not seem like a big deal for you, but let me tell you it was dramatic!!
The third plague was rain!! It rained a couple of nights, which did not affect the kids, but in a little camper the noise makes it hard to sleep!! It also rained ALL day on Wed. which kept the kids from swimming a 2nd day!! It also kept us all cooped up in a pavillion all day with smelly kids. Another GROSS!
And the last plague is the infamous one that landed us on the news, and was the worst one of all. It all started on Wed at about 5 pm when our first set of campers/staff were hit with a nasty stomach bug. We had to write down names of people that were sick and getting picked up and at 5 we had about 5 names already. I immediately called my parents to come get Adlee, I did not want her getting sick. Meanwhile I passed her off to one of our youth group boys, Jesse, and he took her to the trailor to keep her from the germs. I went and started clearing out a cabin on the girls side to put all of the sickies in. Let me just say here that my youth group girls "JC's" at camp were all rockstars!! I am not sure that I would have cleaned up vomit, and taken care of little girls quite like they did. I could not have been more proud of them, I love them and appreciate them SO MUCH!
Instead of going through all of the nasty details of how we had surround sound throw up and had to watch our step going through the grass I will just tell you it was not pretty.
By the time my parents got there around 7, I was already feeling it. So I went ahead and left with them and Adlee. I was sick at there house instead of out at camp. Out at camp there was another girl getting sick pretty much every 15 minutes and they were leaving all night. By 6 am they were calling all parents and camp was over pretty much 2 days early. All three directors(Jerred) got it and some of the kids/staff that weren't sick at camp got sick at home.
Directors, Kent, Jerred, and Nathan:

All my rockstar girls got it too. All in all it was an experience I never want again!! I am sure you are now wondering whether Adlee got it or not...

Does she look sick to you?!?! God protected our little one for sure!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6 months plus!

So, I thought being summer and no teaching I would blog all the time and be really great at this...not so much. Adlee is 6 months, and has been for a couple of weeks now. Better late than never, things we are up to these days:
  • Making silly faces ALL the time
  • "Talking"
  • Laughing a lot
  • She LOVES baby food! Funny, she likes the meats and veggies better than fruit.
  • We've tried the puffs and not a fan, they gag her still.
  • Turned into a bit of a Momma's girl since I've been home.
  • Loves hanging out in the high chair while I'm in the kitchen working
At the doctor for her 6 month appt. she weighed 16.5 and was 26 inches long, she is 50th percentile for both.! A couple days after she turned 6 months we tried to go to the park to take some sweet pictures. Well, I guess we forgot to ask Adlee if she wanted to go because apparently she did NOT. She was not cooperative and we decided we wouldn't try to have photo shoots until she can at least sit up better. But here are some of them anyway.

And here is Adlee in her new big girl umbrella stroller with her big girl ponytail, well maybe her pebbles ponytail!!