Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Friends!

Adlee has been very into playing babies lately.  I think this baby sister is coming at the perfect time!  She has named the babies and there names haven’t changed yet, I was a bit surprised by this!


From left: Olivia, James, Adlee, Ryan and Ellie

2 of these are her boy cousins the other 2 are names I am not sure she knew.  I guess Olivia came from the tv show, but still out of left field.  She cracks me up!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four Days in my P.J.’s

So we have had quite the week!  I guess I would have to back up to last Friday to begin.  We were leaving at 1:00 for our yearly youth trip to Winterfest.  This is a trip that Adlee and I have gone on in the past, but we take my car.  We had 2 high school girls in the car with us and were a little past Norman when Adlee decided to get sick.  We immediately walkie talkied the vans and told them we were making an impromptu stop.  I knew she hadn’t really felt 100% but had no idea that was coming, poor Rae and Erin who were with us.  They are such champs!!  I decided it would be best for Adlee and me to turn around and come home…alone.  Jerred of course had to go with the teens.  That night Adlee seemed fine, she took a long nap and woke up happy.  We ended up having a fun weekend with no sickies! She was still sad there was no winterfest!


Fast forward to Monday morning (Jerred got home on Sunday night), I woke up ready for us to have MLK day off and to have a fun family day.  Jerred and I both got sick.  TERRIBLY sick!!  Jerred had the flu and I ended up in the hospital with a stomach bug.  Being pregnant I was struggling to keep hydrated.  I had 2 bags of fluid and 2 rounds of meds…ICK!  Then with Jerred having the flu we could not come home because neither Adlee or I had it!  So we had to stay at my parents house until yesterday (Wed.).  So far Jerred has been the only one infected.  My parents, Adlee and I have all been on tamiflu since Tuesday to help protect us! 

Poor Jerred still has a terrible cough, but hopefully that will get better tomorrow!  Today we got to stay in our pj’s because we had a snow/ice day!  Since we all have been cooped up inside since Monday we had to get a little creative today with our activities!

Sadie even got to come in!


We got out our markers (color wonder are the only ones allowed in this house)


Played dress up.


Played babies…and played like babies.




More dress up, look at that beautiful mess in the background.  It just screams fun!


And we made and played with play dough!



We had a fun day, despite Daddy not getting to do much with us.  He is still trying to keep from hugging and kissing, which is very hard for this Adlee, she is a MAJOR Daddy’s girl!  He has had to take her to bed last night and tonight, she will NOT let Mommy do it.  If I try she throws a fit, I guess his night night praying is better than mine! 

I think Adlee and I are both ready to go to school tomorrow and get back to some normalcy!  It doesn’t hurt that it’s a Friday and then we will be done for the week, ha!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We had 3 fabulous Christmas celebrations..well, I guess 4 including our little family’s!  I, however, have become the world’s WORST about taking pictures.  I have GOT to get better!  Luckily for my family’s 2 Christmas’s I have Teresa and Brooke who I can steal pics from. 

First up, Mimi and Pappy England’s house!  IMG_0006

Puppy from Jerred’s Aunt.  Adlee LOVED it!


Getting the hang of opening “pwesents.”


Reading with Mimi.



This is back at home showing her loot.  She got furniture and accessories for her dollhouse that she got for her birthday!


Next up: Santa came to our house!!


Adlee got all kinds of furniture for her babies, plus some extras with her stocking!




Timer family shot , give us a break we just woke up.


Wiley Christmas


“And I am done, got what I wanted.”


James’s loot, well not ALL of it :)


More dollhouse stuff!


Probably more for me than Adlee, her first American Girl doll.  Just an itty bitty baby!



“A Dora Adventure Hut?!?!  Mark and Teresa you are the BEST!!”



“Thanks for making me a new blanket MeeMaw. Mom this Christmas is wearing me out, I need to go to bed now.”


Grandad went to Jared.  Nice work!


No time was wasted, the Dora hut had to go up.



Lydia got a DS, Adlee is helping.  Sweet Lydia just lets her!!



Christmas in Texas!

On the day that we left for New Braunfels we had an ultrasound at 8 AM.  It was the day we found out we are having another GIRL!!  We didn’t tell anyone on my side until we got down there, and then we let Adlee tell!!  It was really fun that everybody was together for it.  It made it more special for me. 

But, because of this I forgot my good camera.  We had rushed around that morning and got everything but the camera.  I had my little one and I was also able to get pics from other people.

Here is Adlee getting her back rubbed, one of my favorite things there too :)


We were able to open presents at Roger and Amy’s house.  Super fun because they have toys for everyone!  It was also a beautiful day outside, so we spent a lot of time there!




Opening Presents.




Woo Hoo a Tricycle!!


We still haven’t quite got down how to drive it yet, but she’s workin’ on it.


The big girls and Ryan got skates!  Of course, Grandmommie didn’t want Adlee to feel left out.


Jerred played in Ryan’s room a lot of the time.  He was saying how our girls won’t have car toys, so he had to get it out of his system!!



Jerred also played troll, and locked the kids up in the fort to eat their toes. 



Ryan decided he wanted to be a troll too.



Grandmommie and her greats!


And I will leave you with the cutie outfit Grandmommie got Adlee for Christmas.  How cute is that?!?!