Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welp, here it is.

In the last month I have started back to school teaching Kinder again, sent Adlee to her first daycare, let Jerred add to his list of jobs (Del City Football chaplain), switched to first grade in a day, turned 30, and celebrated Jerred turning 30 too.  This is why the lack of blogging.  So sorry, I will work on it! 

My job is going well.  First grade is different but I am getting the hang of it.  Adlee LOVES her school.  She is having a blast and also learning a ton.  It is also really nice for me because Amy, the lady who keeps her, comes and picks her up at my school in the morning and brings her back to me after the day is over.  Adlee loves coming to my school and acting as if she owns the place.  Jerred is liking his extra job too.  He has been going to almost all the practices and will go to all the games and stand on the sidelines.  I think he will make some really great bonds with the boys and hopefully have an impact on many of them!!  So we are both really excited about the possibilities there!  And the whole 30 thing we don’t need to talk about.

Now you can all stop reading because I am going to scrapbook a little bit here.  You can just scroll through pics!!  First, Adlee has figured out how to open EVERYTHING!  Her favorite things are my makeup. 


She is counting to 10.  Singing everything she hears, favorites being Lord’s Army, Wheels on the Bus, Boots, Jesus Loves Me, and ABC’s.  She pretty much says whatever she wants.  The other night we walked in the house and she said “Oh my goodness!” plain as day!!

She loves playing outside!


She has finally started saying “Wuv you” and loves giving hugs and kisses! 


When we get in the car after school she talks the whole 15 minutes home.  Tells me about the kids at school, calling them by name, and telling me things they played with.  I don’t catch all of it, but I’d say about 75% I understand :)


Still loves accessories. 


Favorite shows are Yo Gabba, Jack’s Big Music Show, Elmo, and Dora.  She put her babies in her chair to watch tv with her.


She will do anything for a laugh, and when we start laughing she just does it more!!  (Such a little Jerred!)   This is something the kids at church have her do all the time…crazy face!


She is still the happiest girl, and LOVES being around people.  We are so thankful our school year has started out so wonderfully!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Beth Fend

Okay, I will admit it Adlee has a lisp.  But for now I am just looking at it as cute, but the teacher in me is ready to work on it when she is talking more.  But that is not what this post is about.  This is all about Adlee’s best friend…Gaythie.  Known to all of us as Grace or Gracie. 

Gracie is a 5th grader at our church, so she is not quite in our youth group yet.  However, her older sisters are in the group, so she ends up hanging out with us a lot.  Adlee really loves her oldest sister, Erin.  But Erin has sadly been replaced.  This is Adlee and Erin right after camp this year. 

This weekend we were on a trip with our older kids and Adlee cried one night because Ewin (Erin) was there and she wouldn’t stop saying “I need Gaythie.”  So sad.  Luckily on Sunday night they were reunited.





On a side note, Adlee has learned what to do when we pray.  She will always grap the hands of the people around her and “close” her eyes.  This is the face she makes EVERY time we pray.  Then she finishes with a very loud AMEN!!