Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I wanna be a cowgirl!

I have an amazing Dad!  Every Friday my Dad goes to the Coffee Creek Riding stables to help kids with special needs ride horses.  You can check out more about the stables here.  That is right, my Dad is the greatest.  This is of course just one of those things about my Dad that I love!! 

Last Friday, Adlee and I had off school so my Dad jumped at the chance to get Adlee at the center to hang with the horses.  She was a little apprehensive at first. 


She got to brush and pet several horses.



IMG_5992 IMG_5991

This one gave kisses(licked) just like Sadie!


And then we decided to push it by putting her on a horse!




And it was over!


She cried until we left.  We got in the car and then she cried because she wanted to go back to the horses and Grandad.  I asked her if she would go back and play with the horses to which she said yes.  She was very specific though, she likes to pet the horses, not ride them! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air

I will interupt my normal Adlee posting for a little update from first grade. These are some poems that were read today in my class. They were allowed to write to anyone they wanted, Mom, Dad, other family, or friends.

Roses are red, rings are blue. The sun shines on you, Sally.

Dear Sally I hope you are good. I like your hair, and your clothes. Your hair smells like roses and violets. I like you as strong as my heart.

For the reputation of first graders in my class the names have been deleted. These were written by 2 boys to 2 different girls in my room. I must admit I had a hard time keeping a straight face when these were read in class today.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow much fun!!

We have had about 12 inches of snow this week, and I think added to that this morning. I don’t know for sure, I cannot watch the network news anymore. Hopefully I will get over that soon. I just don’t want to feel like I see the news anchors more than my family.

Adlee has been a little sick, but you wouldn’t really know it. She has bronchitis and got on meds yesterday. She is already sleeping better. She has REALLY wanted to play in the snow, but I knew it wouldn’t be good for her with her sickies. But yesterday after we had to get dressed to go to the doctor we went ahead and played for a few minutes. She LOVES the snow. IMG_5852

IMG_5846 I also, for scrapbook purposes, wanted to mention some things I have heard from her all week.

“I have a question.” Proceeded with nothing, because she doesn’t know what she is saying.

“I have an idea!” Again followed by nothing.


“Guess what?!?!” Followed by silence.


Talking about Sadie, “Is that MY dog?!?!”


“Will you come color with me?” Mostly to Jerred. She has also played with her Mickey and Minnie dolls all week. Today Mickey had to sit in time out because he kicked Minnie. She only knows that puts you in time out from experience.



Adlee with her redneck Daddy…HA! His hunting clothes are his warmest! I forgot she has also realized in the last month or so that Mommy and Daddy are also known as Jerred and Brook. So she has been calling us those names from time to time this week. Not a fan of this, although it is funny!


We have had a fun time being home this week! Love our family time, I know Adlee has loved having both of us all day!