Friday, October 16, 2009

Cousins Day

Last Saturday we invited Adlee’s cousins to come over and carve pumpkins.  We all had a really good time!


None of them wanted to touch the “yucky” stuff. 



Evelyn refused to even try!!


James had the brilliant idea to use a spoon to get the stuff out, so we wouldn’t have to touch it!




Adlee was not liking that she wasn’t a part of the fun.


Mark stayed for the A&M game while Teresa ran some errands, so he got to hang out with Adlee after this point!

We let James draw what he wanted cut out on one pumpkin and Lydia got to do the other one.  Jerred carved the boy one and I carved the girl one. 



IMG_2417 IMG_2419



Adlee LOVES her cousins!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

That's Amore!

Adlee has her first crush. He is in our youth group and is in the 8th grade, she likes the older boys, much older boys. Adlee has been eyeing him for about the past 2 weeks. She will see him from across the room and just giggle and smile, then she will get shy and put her head down, then look back up at him to make sure he's looking. Well, tonight she was flirting and his dad told him to put his hands out for her. Well, of course when he did Adlee about jumped into his arms. Little did I know he didn't know how to hold her, so he ended up just holding her like a baby, only really akwardly. Does it look like she minds?!?!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We don’t even want to talk about it!!

Yesterday Adlee watched a very important game with her Daddy.  But as always we play football on X-box first!!IMG_2336


Notice she is in her gear for the game!  Before the game I caught her doing her pre-game stretches.


IMG_2364 IMG_2365

The game started off GREAT!!!


We sure cheered on the sooners!IMG_2361


She thinks she saw a couple of Canes pull some face masks and it wasn’t called.


And then when Broyles didn’t come back after the half she was concerned!


And then reality set in!


Seriously?!?!  We lost?!?!

IMG_2366 IMG_2367

Like I said before, we don’t EVEN want to talk about it!