Thursday, July 30, 2009

The mop has been chopped!

Yesterday was a special day. I finally got my hair cut off for locks of love. I feel like I have been growing it out for so long!! 

While this blog is supposed to document Adlee’s milestones I felt this one counted.  If it weren’t for her, I would have never made it 10 inches!!! Friends, I have very thick hair. Not the kind of thick hair that people might say, “oh, your hair is so thick and pretty!” It is the kind of thick that people say “Oh. My. Word. Your hair is SO THICK!!!” In fact 1 of my hair stylists cursed when she first started cutting it! Here is where Adlee comes in, after I had her I lost SO much hair and I think it has helped the weight so much!! IMG_1886




It was a big change, but I LOVE it!!!  Adlee doesn’t mind either!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Cabin in the woods

We just got back from our Junior/Senior Mystery Trip yesterday.  This was the first trip that Adlee and I went on where we actually rode on the van.  Since it was a smaller group we stayed in a little house on the lake in Fort Gibson. 


Here was our view


It was really fun!  On Friday we rented a boat and went tubing, and it was Adlee’s first boat ride.  She was SO excited!


Of course she had to wear a life jacket.  She wore it like a champ!!


She hung out  with Mom


Hung out with Dad


Ate the jacket


Drove the boat


Slept a little


And of course looked REAL cute


We had a fabulous time and even got a super cute picture in Tulsa where we stopped on the way home.  Check out those teethers!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


This is how Adlee felt about her first trip to the zoo. Jerred took today off so that we could take her and I think she loved it!! 

Checking things out


Her concerned look is about this beast


Having a staring contest with some extremely nasty vultures


She thought the apes were kind of funny, there were 3 right by the glass to look at. 

IMG_1807 IMG_1808

She also had a staring contest with a chimp

IMG_1813  IMG_1812

I think Adlee is very happy that she got to go to the zoo!!IMG_1811

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little of this and a whole lot of that!

I am going to try and catch up on this so just stay with me here. 

On July 4th Adlee and I headed to New Braunfels for a week while Jerred went on mission trip.  We did not dare go on a 8 hour trip (I guess 7 and a half hours if Mark is driving) without help, so Adlee and I rode with my mom.  Mark and his family tagged along too.  Actually it was all Teresa’s plan, we crashed their vacation.  Anyway, what happens when Mark’s kids are in one car and Honey and Adlee are in the other?!?! 

IMG_1630 I can’t complain, they were all good!  For the 4th we went to my cousins house there and watched the city’s fireworks from his house!  Adlee enjoyed her first firework show, but was VERY tired!!  Please ignore me I had been in the car all day with 4 kids. 

IMG_1639 Here is Lydia with my cousin’s daughter Abbie.  They love each other tons and are definitely trouble!!IMG_1638 Here they are the next morning in church.  I am pretty sure that right after this picture they got in trouble.

IMG_1640 Yes, they are dressed alike.  I made the 4 cousins dresses to wear to church together!!  The girls wore them well and made people think I did better than I did!  The 1st cousin pic:

IMG_1646 IMG_1649

And all the girls, how big does Adlee look?!?!

IMG_1652 And Grandmommie with all her great babies, minus the twins…but they should be here soon!!!!!  Brooke, we are all VERY excited in Oklahoma!!!


Now is when the vacationing started.  However, all Adlee and me did was swim and until I get time to crop out my whiteness you will not see those pictures.  One day while the others went to seaworld in 110 heat, we stayed home and

IMG_1694 slept.  Love this picture more than words can express!! I love both of my Grandma’s so much and it is special that Adlee gets to love them as much as me!!!  Sorry Grandmommie, I am sure I will get in trouble for having this picture on here, but hey at least you have on lipstick!! 

After New Braunfels, Adlee and I headed off by ourselves to meet up with the youth group.  We got to spend time with them at the mall and go to a baseball game.  Sparky, Sarah and Riley met us up there and we had so much fun with them!!



That night Adlee got an up close firework show!! She was again exhausted and not sure how to feel at first, but she ended up watching it all without making a noise!!

IMG_1713 IMG_1717 And that is our trips in pictures!!  I never showed you all one of Jerred’s fabulous father’s day presents.  Check his shirt!!

IMG_1734 It says “World’s Best Dad” and has their picture on it.  Adlee gets so fascinated with it when he wears it.  It is pretty funny!

And I am sure you have all thought at this point, “Hey Brook, didn’t Adlee just turn 8 months???  Aren’t you going to post about that???'”

Well, you betcha!!!  She was 8 months 2 days ago.  We are still rolling as a mode of transportation, she talks ALL time, she points at books when you read it, she tries really hard to wave, she kind of sings when you do, she laughs a LOT, and she is still the best baby ever!!! Oh and…

IMG_1743 look real close!!  There is a tooth on top, oh and 2 on the bottom!!  I cannot explain how much fun the last 8 months have been with this girl.  She has such personality and we LOVE her!!!  Don’t you just want to pinch and kiss those cheeks!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is not in our future!

Which is why at 7 months Adlee has already had her first haircut. She was already getting a lovely mullet(aka bi-level). I felt just how these parents did, that the only way I could let her have one is for Jerred and me to rock one also. Neither of us are at a point in our life to do this so we had "the cut."

The Before

Getting spritzed with water.

As you can see Adlee did great! She loves when I brush her hair, so I guess this was kind of the same. She kept wanting to look at the girl doing it, but she was easily distracted. When we got home Jerred so kindly proclaimed, "she looks like a boy*." So I guess that means there will now always be a bow in her hair!! I have had many people tell me that when you cut the baby hair it will grow in thicker so that is what I am going for.
*Jerred didn't mean it, he just said this to get to me. He thinks she is the prettiest girl in the whole world.