Monday, March 23, 2009

Lydia's 4!!!

I feel SO old!! My brother, Mark, has 3 kiddos and the middle one turned 4 on Wednesday!! On Sunday afternoon we had a little family party for her. Here are some pics from the event!!
This one is of the grandkids...complete with homeade hats!!
James is 5, Lydia is now 4, and Evelyn will be 2 soon!!
Another one, this time with Honey and Grandad
During the taking of this last shot, I looked up from the camera and saw James lean over and very sweetly kiss Adlee on the head...SO sweet!! He then just held her hand and leaned into her, so I of course had to zoom into the 2 of them!!

Adlee and Markie
Lydia has personality PLUS and is so funny!! She loves clothes and she got a lot that day, I guess she was done with the clothes thing by the end because she was just throwing them in a pile next to her.
I like playing with my camera and pretending I have an eye for photography.
The only decent one I could get of Evelyn was after the cupcake, I think it gives it the "real life" feel :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh, can it be?!?!

My sweet girl is 4 months old!! I am blown away by how fast our time has gone by so quickly. Adlee is such a sweet baby and I don't think we were prepared for such a perfect girl :) Take a look at some of her younger days:
Home from the hospital
About 1 and half months

About 2 and a half months (Her Dad took this one, that is why it is from a different angle)

And 4 months

She's huge!!!! Man, looking at them like this gets me a little verklempt.

I thought I would update you on what Adlee has been up to lately. Sorry friends who don't have sleeping babies, Adlee sleeps through the night and has since 2 months!! This is usually how.

She is a side sleeper just like her Mom. She has been eating rice cereal for over a week, and I think it is going well. She still doesn't get the whole bowl, but we are working toward it!

She really likes it, even though she doesn't look like it in the picture. She isn't rolling over yet, but getting really close. She is not a fan of tummy time, but one of these days I will leave her on her belly and she will be mad enough I am sure she will roll! She moves around so much when she is on her back, she will be off her blanket in 5 minutes. Here is the almost roll.

And her VERY favorite place is and always has been her swing. We have been out of town for spring break and we just got back. When I put her in the swing yesterday she got so excited to see her bee friends above her!! It was quite comical.

That was her talking to the bees. I couldn't get a great picture because the swing was in motion and I couldn't seem to time it right. Sometimes you just can't be smarter than the swing...oh well.
We really do have the sweetest baby, and we are truly blessed!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break!!

No time to blog...we are in New Braunfels shopping with Honey, Grandmommie and Resi!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Sing!

Adlee attended her first Spring Sing on Thursday night. She had to support Gamma so I made her a new onesie. I am no seamstress (sorry MeeMaw and Grandmommie) so don't judge my work!

We went with Scott and Sonya, so Adlee sat with them most of the show. She actually slept on Sonya the entire first half and some of the second.

She did wake up for Gamma's show, they were Pippi Longstocking!! After the show I had to have her picture taken with some of the girls. She was upset at first, but then I explained who they were and she was fine. They had a great show and won again, way to go ladies!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blast from the past and Electricity

Last Sunday we made a trip to Wichita Falls to visit the church where Jerred used to work. They had never met Adlee so we were super excited to show her off. We had a fun day, but only got 1 picture to show from it (I'm working on getting better!) This is Adlee with Whitney and Reagan.

On Tuesday morning as I was getting ready for school the power went out in our bedroom and bathroom. I, of course, went and did the breaker thing but nothing seemed to work, so Jerred stepped in and nothing worked for him either. I ended up going to school with wet hair because I ran out of time and left Jerred to deal with the house. He had a meeting that day so he had to leave it and fix it later. That night he worked on it and his dad even came over to help and still nothing. His dad left at about 9:30 but my stubborn husband couldn't give up. At about 10:30 he magically got it kicked back on. On Wednesday morning when I turned the light on in the bathroom it all went off again. He ended up fixing it that night before church!! Again my husband is stubborn and we never pay to have things fixed when we can EVENTUALLY fix it ourselves!

Action shot

During the whole thing Daddy explained to Adlee how dangerous it is to play with the plugs and if she did she might end up looking like this

This story is not complete without telling you about one of Jerred's trips to home depot. He went and asked the electrical guy if he had a favorite stripper!!!!!!! After getting a really funny look Jerred clarified that he was talking a wire stripper, yikes.