Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nothing says “happy first birthday” like your first double ear infection

That’s right, this week has been nothing like I had planned it to be.  That’s okay though we are a flexible family.  Adlee turned one on Tuesday and at about 3 am she awoke to celebrate…or to cry for 4 hours straight.  I really had no idea what was wrong until we went to the doctor at 3:00 that afternoon after she had begun to run a fever.  Anyway, she didn’t get to go to school on her birthday and I was definitely more bummed about that than her. 

However that night Jerred and I decided we could go ahead and do a little family celebration because she was feeling a little better.  Sorry about her pictures, you can tell the poor thing did NOT feel good.  Here she is in her big girl seat, right after the doctor…man I feel like a horrible Mom posting this picture.  IMG_2502 IMG_2511

Jerred stopped and bought her a little cake on the way home from work.  She liked the taste, but really didn’t like it enough to get her hands dirty.  If I fed her she would eat it, but that’s about it. 


IMG_2515 IMG_2521



Jerred and I gave her a couple of little gifts, since we are going to have a party after Thanksgiving with family and friends she didn’t get much on the actual day. 

Her first cell phone…she loves talking on the phone.



And of course she needed a laptop!


And since she’s now 1 she no longer wants to get read to.  She prefers to read her own bedtime story.


And last, these are pics from a little photo shoot we did on Wed. when she was feeling a bit better!  By the way, thank you to Sada for the awesome shirt, she made it so quick!!!IMG_2540






I can’t believe she is already 1!!!  We are so thankful for our little blessing!!  She is so much fun and keeps us laughing and smiling all the time. Happy Birthday Adlee Jo!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A reason why Daddy will always be the favorite


I came home right after she had eaten the oreo.  I am just glad he got pictures!

Here are her muscles.


And here are cute pictures from today.



Monday, November 9, 2009

Pray pray pray

This is basically what I have been doing all day.  I thought instead of just letting these things weigh heavy on my heart I would pass them along, I think this will help me.  There is a 7 month old baby girl at my church who has now been in the hospital for 2 weeks.  She has 2 older sisters that are in our youth group, a senior and a 7th grader.  So this has been consuming our thoughts lately.  Little RyaLyn had croup to begin with and because of it her throat closed up.  She had a ventilator for the first week and then ended up with a tracheotomy(which she will keep temporarily).  She now has an infection, high fever, and they are having a hard time with her veins and iv’s.  Please pray with us for RyaLyn’s speedy recovery.  Her family has had a really rough time this whole year and they need her better!!

The second thing that has consumed my thoughts all day has been about a lady from school.  I can’t say anything about how I know her(don’t want to give any info out at this point), but her husband left last night.  They have 2 young children and they don’t know yet.  I just really had a hard time swallowing this one today.  I just don’t understand these things and it really sucks for them!

Anyway, with all the prayers going up for these things I couldn’t help but be thankful for my blessings.  I know that sounds completely selfish but it is just hard to see these things around me and not be completely thankful for Adlee’s health and for my hubbo.   When you are reading this please  pray on behalf of these people, but also thank God for all that He has given you. 

And onto what this blog is all about:  ADLEE!

Here are some recent pics of my little blessing!!

IMG_2450 IMG_2451

She was Tinkerbell for halloween.  Here are her pictures from her fall festival at school. 


Here she is with cousin Evelyn.  I think one was moving every picture which is why they were all blurry.  And my dad took them :)


On Halloween night at church.


This past weekend Adlee and I went with my parents to the horse  show at the fairgrounds.  This is my Dad’s thing and he likes when Adlee dresses cowboy with him!!





I can NOT believe she is going to be 1 a week from tomorrow!!!!!!!!