Saturday, June 18, 2011

My little, big girl!

So back a month ago I had my baby girl.  Jacee Ann came on May 19, weighing in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces.  I am now overwhelmed with blogging, which is why I haven’t kept up.  I am just thinking if I am going to get back in this for scrapbooking purposes, I better start soon!!

To start at the beginning, a week before Jacee came I was put on bed rest.  My blood pressure had started getting really high so we got a little worried.  On Monday before she came the dr wanted me to go to the hospital to monitor Jacee and my pressure.  Jacee was doing great, but the blood pressure was not, so she decided to induce at 38 weeks, on May 19!  Here is my bed rest companion until Jacee came.  Sweet Sadie is so neglected.


My labor was super fast and easy this time.  I started my meds at 6:30 and had Jacee 4 hours later.  I got my epidural really early on, so never really had a ton of pain.  If this pregnancy had been a little easier I would have 5 more babies…well, maybe not. 

Here is proof I can have a big baby!!

She did not enjoy her first bath, luckily at home she enjoys them!


Love those chubby cheeks!!


She looks HUGE here, but I never really thought she was in my arms!


Adlee got to come in that afternoon to meet her baby sister.  We had Jacee in the nursery and talked to Adlee before we brought Jace in.  She was very excited to meet her sister and give her the bunny she had made her!

Since this first kiss, there have been many many more.


Adlee was beyond thrilled that Jacee had made her a kitty.  She said “Oh thank you, Jacee” about 100 times!


Adlee wanted to help right away!


And of course hold her!


First attempt at a family pic. 


Sweet sisters!



I will leave you with the most recent (yesterday) picture of my girls.  It pretty much says how my life has been lately.  Jacee wide awake with Adlee close by, and Adlee full of attitude!!