Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2 kids + blogging = failure for me

For the sake of my Grandma’s and my scrapbooks that I don’t have purchased yet, I have to start posting again! 

We have had a BUSY summer!  Jerred went to his 2 normal camps, plus a week in Del Rio, TX for the mission trip.  We took a trip to TX with my family.  All of this with a newborn and a toddler!  It was fun and of course flew by.  I am not teaching this year, VERY thankful to be able to stay home.  Adlee still goes to Miss Amie’s house, but only on Tuesday/Thursday.  This was for both of us.  She is very social and needs that outlet!  Okay, onto pics…

This is my favorite picture of the cousins at the hotel pool in Dallas!  Ryan jumped on 2 every time! Smile


Adlee is a fish!  She took swim lessons with her best friend, RyaLyn and loved it so much. 


She has no fear when it comes to the water.  I wish there was a little bit, but there is none.  She went on this slide every day with her teacher, Shelby.  She also went off a diving board at a youth party, but no pictures of that.


Jacee didn’t participate in much this summer, but she still had fun!

This picture just cracks me up.


She is now 3 months!


She started really laughing yesterday, and I caught it on my phone!  I will have to post that later, or in a month.  This is Adlee’s french braid, we started that recently and she loves it!


Adlee’s first day at Amie’s house on 8/23.  She is so stinkin’ big!


Bitty girl hanging out with Momma on our first day without sister.


Sisters playing.  Adlee loves these times, and Jacee just flinches a lot. I know one day she will love it too, but for right now her big sister is a little in her face.




This shot shows her c-razy hair!


Well, hopefully I can post again sometime soon.  But little one is hungry and big one is supposed to be napping, but by the sounds of things is clearly not!