Monday, March 22, 2010

I love my brother

And his job!  Mark has a really great job at Chesapeake and gets some nice perks with that great job.  One of these is occasional tickets to Thunder basketball games.  Tonight was one of those games.  And it just so happens that they were playing the spurs…my favorite team. My nice brother took James, Lydia and me!  I was very torn about who to cheer for, because I would always cheer for the thunder.  It was a great game and the spurs did end up winning, I had decided I would be happy either way.


Oh wait, did I fail to mention how great the seats were?!?!  We were so close.   Best quote of the night was when Lydia (5 years old) saw the scantily clad cheerleaders and said “I think they are cold.”  She also said they had sparkly belts on their underwear, and she bets they don’t wear those outfits to church!  She’s funny!!

IMG_3251  Hey Manu!


We constantly had to find “Rumble,”  I think deep down Lydia was concerned he was going to get close.


Snacks were a must!




James did more ear covering than Lydia did, but it did get very loud at the end!


Thanks for the ticket Markie, it was lots of fun!!


And since some of you only care about Adlee’s life and not mine, maybe this will tide you over.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

15 1/2 months and still not walking?!?!

Yes friends. We have a lazy girl on our hands!! This girl is a mess. She talks/sings nonstop, including the occasional sentence, but will not walk to save her life. Although, this past week she has been more interested than ever. I feel it coming!!
Here are a couple of things that Adlee loves these days.
She will climb in and out of this chair about 100 times in a day.
She still loves eating!

Loves to read books, alone and with Daddy!

She loves to help with the dishes!

And recently she has become very affectionate. She loves giving kisses!!

I just love that sweet sweet face!!